5 Hot Wedding Trends This Year

5 Hot Wedding Trends This Year

You’ve waited for this moment for quite a long time, and it finally arrives – your wedding day. After saying yes to your marriage proposal, next comes the planning phase for the whole event. As long as you give yourself plenty of time to iron out the dozens of small and big details, you can have the perfect wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.

But when it comes to style, are you the type to stick with the classics? Or are you the type to go with whatever’s trendy? If you follow the latest trends on the fashion runway, then read on. Every year, different colors, themes, and trends emerge for weddings. Suddenly, one look that had been going strong for a few years hits the tipping point of overexposure, and it becomes “so last year.” Brides who are saying their “I dos” this 2017 should be aware of what the hottest trends are for this year so that they can have a fashionably fun way of celebrating their big day.

Here are the top 5 wedding trends you’ll start seeing in wedding magazines everywhere in 2017.

1. Rustic

For 2017 wedding themes, we bring you a Rustic Woodland Country look; think natural wood effects, shades of green, love birds, outdoor settings and enchanting trees. Rustic wedding trends are more popular than ever. To suit both outdoor and indoor weddings this rustic woodland chic can be carried across all decorations, bouquets and your favours! You can combine this with a country music theme or a barn dance style for a unique wedding. Don’t just think brown, try teal mixed with twigs, feathers, and moss to make a perfect choice for a rustic wedding.

2. Vintage glamour

Brides have always treasured heirloom pieces that they can wear on that special day. But in this decade, vintage doesn’t have to come from granny. Many shops are offering “vintage style” pieces, from jewellry, wedding gowns, and décor. You can take this theme to the extreme and have yourself and your bridesmaids dressed in custom-tailored vintage style dresses. Use a few large trunks covered with stickers from far-flung places; give old frames a lick of paint and hang them on the wall at different heights, to give your guests a bit of photographic fun at the reception.

3. Image Mapping

You can make your indoor reception look like an enchanted forest without you cutting or uprooting a single tree. Try this projection technology called image mapping which allows you to transform your reception with moving pictures and great lighting. There are many types of scenes to choose from; this will give your reception and ceremony a unique vibe. This technology can also be incorporated in your wedding cake as well.

4. High Drama

Why not incorporate your love of all that shimmers into the theme itself. As one of the hottest trends, it also works exceptionally well with a simple, yet elegant wedding party ensemble. One of the best ways to achieve this dramatic effect is to go over the top with the lighting arrangement in the reception venue. Consider creating a starry night sky of lights in a canopy over your guests, and keep the theme going by having simple color schemes in glamorous flower arrangements, to draw the look together really.

5. Going green

Au natural is one of the new trends for wedding décor. You can bring the outside life in if you can’t celebrate under the stars. For forest effects that will wow your guest, you can add some potted trees over your guest in the canopy or wood and stone on the table settings. Going green trends are easy to manipulate and can give your overall decoration a beautiful look. Some old school styles like cascade, pageant, and bouquets are on the way back.

There are so many ‘trends’ that you could follow. We have just listed a handful here to give you a flavour of what is possible. Go with whatever you are comfortable with from the simple to the extravagant. At the end of the day, it really is about you and your spouse to be. So enjoy every minute!